The Ourense Health Living Lab will host the first 6 innovative projects of the LABSAÚDE network

  • The Ourense Health Living Lab will host the first 6 innovative projects of the LABSAÚDE network Eight Galician entities sign agreements with the Galician Health Service and the Galician Health Knowledge Agency to develop innovative projects in the CHUO.
  • In the facilities of the University Hospital of Ourense they will begin testing innovative solutions for the care of elderly, chronic or multi-pathological patients, among others.

The Regional Minister of Health, Julio García Comesaña, signed two collaboration agreements this morning with six Galician research business and entities that will provide the Ourense University Hospital with the first Living Lab in our community, where innovative projects will be developed within the health field.

In company of the manager of the health area of ​​Ourense, Verín and Barco de Valdeorras, Félix Rubial; the manager of the Galician Health Knowledge Agency, Antonio Fernández-Campa; and the territorial head of the Ministry of Health in Ourense, Laura López de el Castillo; the head of Health highlighted the commitment of the Galician Executive to turn Ourense into a benchmark for health innovation.

The signing of the agreements will enable the professional teams of six Galician entities to start developing their respective projects linked to the field of innovation. Thus, the Ourense hospital facilities will host the testing of innovative solutions, aimed at the care of elderly, chronic or multi-pathological patients.

The CHUO will now have an environment for the creation of innovative solutions within the hospital itself, and with which healthcare innovation will be brought closer to the demands of users.

The Regional Minister of Health pointed out that "the projects of these companies are going to maximize clinical benefits for patients." Thus, he highlighted that "all of them will have an opportunity and, at the same time, a responsibility: to be able to develop their innovative solutions in direct contact with clinical staff, patients and their families, by actively participating in testing these formulas”.

Appointedly, the Custom Implants company will work on the CI3D project for the manufacture of custom-made implants in cases of polytrauma, through the use of 3D printing.

The Virtual Psychology society will develop the HomeworksRehab project, in which virtual reality will be used for the rehabilitation of patients with brain damage.

For its part, the Axón rehabilitation team will use the CHUO's multisensory stimulation room to test its SEMDA therapy project on elderly patients.

The spin-off Lincbiotech, which is approaching from the neighboring Technological Park of Galicia, will implement the Minerva initiative for neurological imaging to help diagnose stroke and Alzheimer's.

In addition, a spin-off Qubiotech, will launch the Neuroquant project, with the aim of identifying biomarkers in the diagnostic image that allow early detection of neurodegenerative diseases.

Lastly, the company Plexus together with the company Insati Innovation and Inforhouse are going to design, with patients and professionals, a virtual assistant that facilitates greater independence and more active aging of patients with neurodegenerative diseases, by monitoring and controlling their routines.


The Network of Health Living Labs of Galicia (LABSAÚDE) was born as an intermediate organization that seeks to connect projects and products with end users. These laboratories are platforms for innovation and technology that involve all agents in the health field, promote experimentation and favor the development of innovative solutions based on social demand. They are real spaces in which to develop and test the innovative initiatives that come from companies and research entities.

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