Galician Health System researchers follow a multidisciplinary approach of a high scientific level, and their objective is to share to improve people’s well-being.

ACIS works in close collaboration with the Galician scientific community in the health field to contribute with its research excellence and to maximise its results. The ultimate objective is to transfer knowledge from the laboratory to the clinic so that the progress made in science results in better attended patients. In some cases, the commercialisation of these findings in turn contributes to the health system becoming economically sustainable.

Galicia is a privileged area for health research because it has:
  • An electronic medical history (IANUS) and a unique electronic prescription system that covers the whole Galician population’s healthcare.
  • Highly qualified personnel to deal with the large volume of information in databases, which is often pending for use, and whose analysis can help better attended patients.
  • Research laboratories in different healthcare centres.
  • Its own unit that assesses healthcare technologies (Avalia-t) and which actively collaborates with other similar entities in Spain and abroad.
  • A network of Ethics Committees for research purposes, which ensure quality standards and good practices during clinical trials.
    Support resources such as biobanks and network centres or CIBER, which help complete a solid biomedical research structure. 

Galician Health System Research is structured around biomedical research centres characterised by:
  • Good indicators of scientific excellence.
  • The capacity to acquire resources, which return between 1.5 and 2 euros per euro invested.
  • The generation of highly qualified jobs.
  • Teaching, as well as knowledge generation and transmission.
  • Growing activity in industrial property rights with a social scope.
  • Tools to transform the healthcare organisation culture and to contribute to a knowledge-based economy.

Challenges. Most of their efforts made in the health-related challenges in ACIS invest in:
  • Establishing a mid- to long-term healthcare strategy for an overview of the system’s requirements and capacities.
  • Developing a stable model to incorporate human capital and to promote professional science careers.
  • Collaborating with Galician health research institutes, of which two have already been accredited by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII; Institute of Health Carlos III) to promote their strong points and to improve development areas.
    Achieving full acknowledgement of the research value for the health practice within a hospital and primary care context.
    Promoting and facilitating knowledge transfer.
    Disseminating the research activity carried out in the Galician health domain to society as a whole.​

Axencia Galega de Coñecemento en Saúde

A Axencia Galega para a Xestión do Coñecemento en Saúde é unha entidade pública galega creada coa vocación de converterse no elemento nucleador do ecosistema de coñecemento e innovación en saúde en Galicia.