Galician Network of Health Living Labs (LABSAÚDE)

The Galician Network of Health Living Labs - LABSAÚDE, is an initiative promoted by the Galician Health Service and ACIS that will convert Galician Hospitals and Health Centres into authentic testing laboratories for new solutions/products or services related to health and thus create an ecosystem of multidisciplinary and multisectoral co-creation focused on the user.
The network:
  • will improve business opportunities, develop user-driven innovations and facilitate cooperation between the Galician health system, business and other stakeholders;
  • combines different stakeholders to test and develop user-driven products for patients in real-life contexts;
  • allows the end users (patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals) to participate actively in the product development and usability testing processes.


The first Living Lab of the Network was created in the University Hospital Complex of Ourense (CHUOU), which has been enlarged and a space has been reserved for the development of an experimental hospitalization, by defining an innovative functional model and providing equipment and facilities for different Living Lab scenarios in which health research and innovation studies will be developed.

Innovation Lines:

  • Elderly and/or chronic patients care
  • Patient empowerment
  • Information and Communications Technology / Telemedicine and teleservice
  • Robotics and virtual reality
  • Impact of the environment in hospital stays
  • Other (biosafety, new materials, nutrition,…)


Eligible projects:

  • Innovative initiatives of products/services, processes and/or the business model in the health and biomedical sector and in other transversal sectors to the health sector: food, ICT, new materials and construction, electronics and robotics.
  • They must have the capacity to generate results with application in society; these results must have commercial potential and generate returns.
  • They must be at a TRL7 or higher (technology maturity level).

Axencia Galega de Coñecemento en Saúde

A Axencia Galega para a Xestión do Coñecemento en Saúde é unha entidade pública galega creada coa vocación de converterse no elemento nucleador do ecosistema de coñecemento e innovación en saúde en Galicia.